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5 Quick Tips to Finding the Perfect Niche

As Judge Graham, a Texas-based entrepreneur and investor says

“I’ve learned the hard way through a few low lows that only by honing in on a niche can you be unique and stand out within your industry.”

Focusing on one customer group at a time is one of the most important business decisions you can make in dropshipping. That’s why, in this article, I’m going to take you through my five quick tips for finding a winning high-ticket niche.  

So, if you’re:

  • In the midst of building a high-ticket dropshipping business
  •  A member of my Seven Figure Skills Drop Ship Academy Program
  • Having trouble finding a niche
  • Or if you just want to learn how to build a successful online business through dropshipping

... then you should definitely be looking for high-ticket products. 

High-ticket drop shipping is entirely different than Ali Express or Oberlo – It’s for individuals who want to build a business online. By starting...

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AliExpress Vs. High Ticket Drop Shipping: Which is Best?

drop shipping Jul 02, 2019

In the drop shipping world, many people make the mistake of focusing on viral, trendy products. They believe they will sell like hotcakes, and feel it’s an easier route than high-ticket dropshipping. 

This may be true, but unfortunately, these trendy products will only sell for about the same price as a hotcake. A great line of Marvel t-shirts may sell for around $20 each, netting you a profit of just $5 or $6 at best.

By comparison, high-ticket items can earn you much larger profits. For example, an office chair that retails at $997 could bag you a net profit of about $300.

Furthermore, these high-ticket products can be targeted to business owners and homeowners, and they sell all year round.

So, why do a lot of people still opt for the traditional route of low-priced goods on AliExpress? Is high-ticket drop shipping too good to be true?

In this article, we’ll find out as we explore the differences between AliExpress and high-ticket drop shipping, and show you...

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In 2019, Opening Up Your Own Drop Shipping Store Has Never Been Easier!

Learn How To Set Up Your Own Store On Shopify In Minutes!

In today’s world, technology has made the impossible, possible. In addition, it’s allowed businesses to take advantage of the digital space to more effectively market their goods and services, identify new target markets and demographics who may embrace a new solution, connect with partnering businesses who sell components and system software that drive organizational efficiency, and so much more. And for some business owners, technology has literally served as the catalyst to help them get their businesses off the ground.

In the retail space, eCommerce has propelled us into a whole new realm for shopping. Platforms like Shopify allow entrepreneurs to set up a virtual shopping experience in minutes, all with the ability to offer affordable prices, cutting-edge products, and virtually no overhead costs! Technology, B2B connections, and motivated consumers in the year 2019 have made it all possible, so let’s...

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Interview with Shoptimized Founder Bradley Long

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2017

We brought Bradley in to ask him a few questions we've been getting about conversion and optimization on Shopify. Bradley Long is a Conversion Rate Optimization Expert and has grown conversions for some of the world's most sophisticated brands, and

he's the founder of our FAVORITE Shopify theme, Shoptimized.


Check it out, we recommend watching the full interview, but if you're short on time we wrote out some of the most important questions below: 

Tracking Platforms - which is best? Shopify Reports, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel?

All analytics are important you need all of them. The more information you take in, the more you know about your business and your statistics, the better you'll be able to convert. 

What are some of the key things we should do to help our home/landing page convert?

One of the most common things people do is run ads on Facebook, like "save 10%" then they go to your product page and there is no mention of the...

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Google Ads Vs Facebooks, Why Google ads wins

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2017


I sit down and Interview Kurt Prosser, Kurt is a Google Ads Guru my personal Ad Campaign Manager, he also owns Easton Digital in Columbus, Ohio. 

I sat down today with Kurt to discuss why Google Shopping Ads and Google in general is a better place to not only place your ads to find your "Targeted Traffic" but also why it wins over Facebook Dynamic retargeting ads.

Kurt also shares his top 3 tips for beginners launching their first ad campaign using google shopping. 

Kurt will also be teaching our members Advanced Google Ad courses in Drop Ship Academy 2.0

That's right, only if you're a Drop Ship Academy member of course! 


We're closing down new enrollment to Drop Ship Academy this Friday in order to revamp and recreate our entire Online Advanced Course.

Kurt is one of the reasons why Drop Ship Academy online course and coaching program is going to be so amazing. 


Enjoy the video. 


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Uncategorized Jul 19, 2017

I always get asked how many stores did I start before I broke through… most people imagine that I just launched 1 store and made a Million on my first try and that’s just not the case at ALL!  This subject made me curious about how many stores my previous students with my last Drop Shipping eLearning company launched stores that failed before succeeding..  In other words I wanted to know how many stores they launched on average before failing.

My number was 4! 4 failed stores before breaking through and succeeding with my High Tickets store.  Fortunately for me, I didn’t give up.  What about everyone else?

I think you’re in for a little surprise.

In Drop Shipping and really any business I’ve ever been involved with, Failure is part of the success process… 90% of people in my restaurant businesses failed before they succeeded and what I found out is that is also the case with...

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Why Am I Getting No Conversions?

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2017

The answer is often, “there are too many unknown variables* at least that is my typical answer followed by some suggestions of places to take a closer look at. So what exactly are these “unknown variables” that would help us understand what may be hurting your conversions? Let’s take a look at all things OPTIMIZATION.

When I say too many unknowns, I really mean that! For sake of starting somewhere, we are going to start with a product you are selling. The product matters the most out of all variables. Does this product have a history of sales? Whether a competitor sells it, you seen it sell on market sites like Amazon or Ebay? Seen it being advertised? How is the engagement? And just an FYI, not everything is as it seems from the outside looking in unless you have sophisticated tools to help you do your research. If the product has proven sales, you’re likely in the clear as competition is generally a good sign but there is one thing I ask myself...

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Uncategorized Jul 19, 2017

We’ve all heard about Dropship eCommerce to one degree or another, although some of it is true, a lot isn’t and as a matter of fact most of it is just border line fiction.


So let’s go over all the Mistakes & Myths I hear about and have seen people believe that has prevented them from succeeding or even getting started with Drop Shipping.


Mistake #1  

Taking Tips from Forums and strangers and applying it to your own business. I can’t tell you how many people come to me and ask me where they went wrong… and you know what I feel them because I used to do this.Nothing guarantees success as much as doing the leg work yourself (or having a mentor or pro guide you to finding the right niche)Learn the right way… build the right skills… work hard and don’t give up. But learn the skills yourself don’t shortcut the process.

When I was 16 years old to stay out of trouble (because I lived in a pretty rough area...

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Uncategorized Jul 19, 2017



Drop Ship eCommerce can be over saturated with competition.  Now a days everyone is teaching Ali-Express Drop Shipping.  This video discusses the High Ticket Drop Shipping and Low Ticket Aliexpress Drop Shipping.


Learn the difference.


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Uncategorized Jul 19, 2017

Short on Ideas of what Niche to pick? I'm here to help


Ever had this conversation before?

Be honest…

What went wrong here?

The idea was freaking brilliant and you figured out a great product to sell online.

Why didn’t people buy it?

There are three things that have to be nearly perfect for a product to sell:

Pricing (the sweet spot price that will attract the right type of buyers)
Desire by the right type of buyer (target demographics)
No brand loyalty to the product (I’ll explain later)
2017 Traffic and advertising campaign
The pricing has to be on point. If you charge 10x more than you should, no one buys because you’ve out-priced the market. Price it 10x too low, and people are skeptical because it’s too cheap. Either way, you’re hosed.


Also with high ticket Dropship eCommerce you want don’t want to be selling products that cost $10 through $100 because the price point is not advantage enough for you to attract the type of...

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